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Institutional HFT Trading

Serving institutional clients such as banks, funds and trusts, our HFT platform provides reliable returns, easy operation, easy liquidity access & complex portfolio management.

Retail HFT Trading

Serving retail clients, our publicly-available HFT platform makes it possible for solo, non-accredited traders to have access to Wall Street grade automated trade operation.

Hedge Fund Management

Our hedge fund management platform provides comprehensive fund operation including CRM, risk analysis, liquidity monitoring and live portfolio accounting.

Retail Banking

Serving more than one million retail clients in over 150 countries, our retail bank platform integrates ATMs, debit cards and traditional retail banking services.

Consumer Savings

Offering accessible wealth building products to consumers in more than 30 countries, our savings platform is the ultimate symphony of performance and security.

Debit Card Management

Fusing cryptocurrency with traditional VISA debit cards, our cardholders enjoy access to more than 30,000,000 merchants and 3,000,000 ATMs worldwide.

We love technology.

Rosslyn Technology is the FinTech lab that brought the world Winston, a high frequency trade platform that provides Bitcoin liquidity services to several of the world's largest exchanges. This technology has given rise to a collection of digital financial service companies that are leading the charge to reach the world's under-banked.

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